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Has anyone had Mr. Ryan for U.S. history?
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yes. 3 yrs ago... lol
interesting mannerisms, mildly racist, inconsistent policies, consistently inane, seemingly passionate, easy grader
he's just retarded
Everything michelle said, and yet he was one of my favorite teachers. He gets annoyed when people are retarded, so then he gets mad. When he's mad he's scary. But otherwise he's hilarious.
He gets mad easily, well, in my class it was easy to get mad, considering the people that were in there. So hope that you're in AP or that people in your class aren't stupid. And you're not sure if he's getting mad, so it's best if you just don't talk. Do you're homework, for the most part and participate a lot [making good points] and you'll be fine.
I still don't understand people who say he's hilarious. That's just ridiculous.
bottom line, he's crazy. Good luck!
-He thought I owned a boat.
He forgets things very easily. When I had him, he had trouble recalling what we were doing the day before consistently. He's a pretty good guy, the material is easy. I would rather have Mr. M, but Ryan is pretty good.